One of the 50 best So-Cal punk bands of the great early-’80s second wave explosion.– All Music Guide

“I, in turn, am grateful that you made this a project. I despair sometimes that it is the same bands over and over from the 80s and 90s that get all the love and reissues and that there were so many others that were just as great as Husker Du and the Replacements and all the other bands I followed and loved that I am asked about all the time but am never asked about the others just as great! This can only help.” – Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

M.I.A. formed as a punk band in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1980. The band broke up and then reunited a few months later in Orange County, California, becoming part of the growing scene there. Shortly after recording a demo, songs were snapped up for two now-legendary 1982 punk compilations: American Youth Report and Not So Quiet on the Western Front. The rest of the demo was released as a split LP Last Rites for Genocide and MIA.

The band struck a deal with notorious punk label Alternative Tentacles and released Murder in A Foreign Place in June of 1984. That summer they embarked on a grueling three month tour of the United States and Canada. In 1985 they completed another U.S. tour and headed back into the studio to record the post-punk classic Notes From the Underground, produced by the legendary Thom Wilson. In 1987 the band issued its final studio album on Flipside Records, After the Fact. In 2001, Alternative Tentacles issued Lost Boys, a compilation of the first two albums plus extras; in 2017 Darla Records reissued Notes From the Underground and After the Fact digitally and on CD for the first time.

M.I.A. now plays as a three-piece band with all original members.

Band Members
Mike Conley – Bass (1980), Vocals (1981-87) **Mike passed away in February 2008
Nick Adams – Guitar & Vocals (1980-1986), Vocals & Guitar (2008-present)
Paul Schwartz – Bass & Vocals (1981-1986, 2008-present)
Chris Moon – Drums (1980-1983, 1987, 2008-present)
Larry Pearson – Drums (1983-1986, 2008-present)
Todd Sampson – Vocals (1980, 2008-2010) **Todd passed away in July 2010
Frank Daly – Bass, Vocals (1987)
Mark Arnold – Guitar, Vocals (1987)