Last Rites

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1982 split album with MIA on one side, Genocide on the other.

1982 split album with MIA on one side, Genocide on the other.

Split LP with Genocide

MIA Songs are:

Tell Me Why
Gas Crisis
Cold Sweat
I Hate Hippies
Angry Youth
All the President’s Skin
Fucking Zones
{I Can’t Take It) No More

MIA was:
Mike Conley
Nick Adams
Chris Moon
Paul Schwartz

Cover Photos:
Ed Colver

Notes: The tracks for this album were recorded in one session in 1981 on an 8-track machine for $300 at JEL Studios in Newport Beach, California. Mixing was done on the same day, with the exception of Fucking Zones and {I Can’t Take It) No More because we ran out of money. One other track was recorded this day, New Left, which appeared on the Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation. All the tracks were recorded live and then second guitars, claps, piano and other chicanery were added.

We recorded this as a demo. At the time we were playing shows at the Cuckoo’s Nest, Cathay de Grande and a few other venues. Our friend and manager at the time, Bad Otis Link, booked us a show in Reno and one in San Francisco at the Tool and Die. At the Reno show we gave away a few of our demo tapes. One landed in the hands of Kevin Seconds, who passed a copy to Tim Yohannan at Maximum Rock and Roll in San Francisco; he gave a copy to Bo Clifford at Bomp in Los Angeles, who in turn gave a copy to Felix Alanis of Smoke 7. From that one show in Reno we got a song New Left on Not So Quiet on the Western Front, another song Tell Me Why on the classic American Youth Report compilation, and the rest of it on the slpit LP Last Rites.