Lost Boys

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“Here is yet another reason the 80s were a better time for punk. Extensive liner notes and 37 tracks detail the history of one of the finest and most original acts of the 80s hardcore scene. Kicking off with straight-ahead numbers such as ‘Modern Way’ and ‘Small Man in a Big World’, this collection quickly turns the corner into more innovative territory. The tempo comes down a little bit, the vocals are more expressive, the arrangements more experimental. ‘Murder in a Foreign Place’ swings with sickness, snapping fingers serving as the backdrop for dark, ironic lyrics. Smart, sarcastic and witty, this is what hardcore punk is all about.”
– Rock Pile

“Alternative Tentacles have started to re-release some really classic stuff on CD in the recent past; MIA would be one such band. They started in 1979 in Las Vegas and broke into the big time with an appearance on the Not So Quiet comp on AT in 1982. This CD collects all the band’s recorded works, their four releases, plus comp tracks and a few other gems. You can hear bits and pieces that may have had a hand in the evolution of 7 Seconds. This is classic old school Punk at its best, and it comes in a great package with liner notes and a timeline of the band. This west coast Punk Rock will be great for all you fans of TSOL, Agent Orange, and Social Distortion. They apparently also re-mastered these songs because the recordings sound great. Probably the most essential release AT has put out in the second half of 2001.” (ed. note, this CD collects only our first two albums plus many extras)
– Volcano

“Just guess how many songs are on this album. No, more. No, more. Close– but no, more. Well, now you’re just being silly. Lost Boys is a greatest-hits collection that contains exactly 37 songs. That should be at least slightly indicative of the length of each song. Recorded from 1982 to 1987, this is SoCal skate punk at its purest. If someone put this CD on and said ‘Hey, Bad Religion actually recorded a CD before How Could Hell Be Any Worse and this is it,’ I would believe him. I thoroughly enjoy this CD, and I think it’s because MIA doesn’t have shirts for sale at the mall and they aren’t currently trying to salvage themselves on some embarrassing reunion tour (not to my knowledge, anyways).” (ed. note, actually we do try to embarrass ourselves by playing shows occasionally. And we also have shirts for sale, just not at the mall…)
– toomuchcoffeeman Magazine

Track List

Modern Way
Small Man In A Big World
All I Know
What’s Your Problem
Boredom Is The Reason
Who Will Survive
Used To Know Me
Murder In A Foreign Place
Las Vegas
Reality Is Killing Me
There Is No Love
Turning Into What You Hate
Just A Dream
Tell Me Why
Gas Crisis
Cold Sweat
I Hate Hippies
Angry Youth
All The Presidents Skin
Fucking Zones
I Can’t Take It No More
New Left
‘Tomic Bomb
Who Cares
Hatin’ Life
Machine Gun Etiquette
Boredom Is The Reason
Above The Crowd
Make A Choice
Voices In The Dark
Haven’t You Heard
Never Again
The Other Side
Rhythm Of Life
We Will Speak Out