1982: "New Left" on Maximum Rock 'n Roll's Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation, Alternative Tentacles (VIRUS 14).

1982: "Tell Me Why" on American Youth Report compilation, Bomp/Invasion (INV-1).

1982: Last Rites for Genocide and M.I.A.: split LP, Smoke Seven Records (out of print). Songs: Tell Me Why, Gas Crisis, Cold Sweat, I Hate Hippies, Angry Youth, All the Presidents Skin, Fucking Zones, (I Can’t Take It) No More. (Out of Print)

1984: Murder in a Foreign Place, Alternative Tentacles (VIRUS 35 - out of print) Songs: Modern Way, Small Man in a Big World, All I Know, What’s Your Problem, Boredom is the Reason, Who Will Survive, Used to Know Me, Murder in a Foreign Place, Las Vegas, Reality is Killing Me, There Is No Love. (Out of Print)

1984: "Turning in to What You Hate" on Half Skull 7" ep, Insane Industries (out of print).

1985: "Just A Dream" on Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 2, Flipside/Gasatanka (FSR3 - out of print).

1985: Notes From the Underground LP, National Trust (NT885 - out of print). Songs: Shadows of My Life, Voices in the Dark, Never Again, Show Me the Way, Scotty Rew, Write Myself a Letter, Light of Yesterday, Haven’t You Heard, Make a Choice, Another Day.

1987: After the Fact LP, Flipside (FSR011 - out of print). Songs: Edge of Forever, What I See, Whisper in the Wind, Beautiful World (but not for me), California Dreamin’, When It’s Over, Time to Change, It Follows Me, Whatever Happened, It’s Hard to Say You’re Wrong, Broken, Out of Control.

1999: "Boredom is the Reason" on O.C.'s 5400 Day Revolution compilation, Superkool Records (SPK007 - out of print).

2001: Lost Boys CD and double LP, Alternative Tentacles (VIRUS 258). Lost Boys is still in print and can be found at the Alternative Tentacles website or other fine music retailers.